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Week 14 – Theme #33 “Old Timer”

This picture was taken in downtown Bradenton in the summer of 2015 while walking around looking for photo opportunities with my good friend Vincent Veneruso.  The picture presented here is of a painting on a building wall on a quaint street in the city of Bradenton near the government center.  The painting represents workers of the agriculture community here around the turn of the 20th century.  It is just one of a few on the buildings in downtown.  Although I have many “old timer” faces in my portrait folder, I think this painting has lots of appeal! I hope that you like it as well!  I’m sorry that I didn’t record the original artist’s name in order to give credit._MG_5130 Old Timer WP




Week 13 – Theme # 18 “Hidden From View”

This picture was taken while walking through a small village in the Midlands of England.  I don’t remember the name of this quaint village  but it had lots of historic charm. At the end of the drive way was this house containing a window from which one could look down the driveway.  Was there someone in that window looking back at me as I stood there trying to compose the picture?  Although I entered a print of this scene, the judge had nothing positive to say.  I think the lines leading to the window are very telling and cause your eyes to go to the window to wonder “What is behind the glass?”IMG_7622 -2 window  final - Copy


week # 12 – Theme # 5″Birds Eye View”

0912 Osprey caught one

This post is probably my favorite from the list of 52 themes.  Bird photography is what I mainly concentrate on.  I’m out every chance I get looking for opportunities to photograph birds.  My website at SmugMug is full of bird pictures that I have taken over the years.  Birds are difficult to photograph, they don’t pose and smile.  They often are turned away from me and if you are lucky enough to catch one in flight it is difficult to get the right exposure or composition.  This photo was taken at the “celery fields” in Sarasota and I happened to have all the “right” settings on my camera to get the shot.  Three photographers were talking and looking in a direction opposite from the approaching bird.  A woman behind us yelled out “here comes the shot.”   We all turned and quickly fired away.  I was the only one fortunate to get the shot.  Capturing birds in flight requires a very fast shutter speed, > 1/1000 and in order to stop the wing motion; spot focus on the head; sufficient DofF to get the whole bird in focus; and +EC of at least one fstop when shooting against a bright sky.

This is an osprey with a fine catch.  The fish was so large, the bird had difficulty finding a proper spot to land.  it kept circling and looking.  Once it did land however, I’m sure it enjoyed it’s breakfast!


WEEK # 11 – Theme #15 “Faces in everyday places”

On a recent cruise, one of our ports of call was Greenland.  These faces were carved out of a rock wall by the native people.    We crossed the Atlantic taking a very northern route departing Southampton and headed north.  Two ports of call, were Greenland and Iceland.  Two more countries that we were able to check off the “bucket list of countries to visit.”  Both countries were quite fascinating but each confirmed our reason for living here in Florida!9031 Pareidolia wordpress

The houses in this village were very colorful and pristine.  I wondered, do they paint their houses every week?  The village was a small fishing port.  Fishing was their main and appeared to be their only source of income.  The harbor, which was very small, could not support our huge ship.  We were off-loaded well off shore and were ferried in by small life boats.  The people seemed to genuinely appreciate us stopping in their little village because many of cruising population purchased native made stuff.

IMG_9037 Greenland


Week # 10 – Theme 24 “Loud Noises”

0160 Steam Old 5288

If you are old enough to remember the “age of steam” in railroading in the US, you would relate to the picture of “Ole 5288.” and why it is offered under this theme- “Loud Noises.”

This steam locomotive is a type 4-6-4 that sits at the railroad museum in downtown Chattanooga.  Had I thought to read the history of the engine while there recently, I could have provided much more information about this old beauty.

When I was a little boy of 8-9 years old, my mother had a cousin that lived close to railroad tracks in Hackensack, NJ and when we visited the cousin I would venture out behind her back yard and sit by the railroad tracks to watch the freight trains go by.  These big steam engines while pulling 30 or so freight cars would quite frequently come roaring by me.  The whole ground would shake as it passed and the noise of hissing steam, whistles or bells sounding for road crossings, clanging metal parts and large metal wheels crunching the pennies that I carefully laid on the tracks made deafening noises as they thundered by.  The billowing black or white smoke rising from their stacks also made me cough.  During an afternoon watch of perhaps 2-3 hours, I would see at least half a dozen trains go by.  Lots of excitement for one little boy!


Week 9 – Theme 52 “Yellow”



1V3A0152 Merry Go Round



While travelling through South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia over the past two weeks in order to photograph the fall colors, which had not yet arrived, Grrrr, I was invited to Chattanooga by Mary Nell and Mike Moore for some fun and photography!  As I explored areas along the Tennessee river with MN while Mike hovered near by in Chattanooga’s finest ice cream shop, we came upon a delightful park.  Contained in this park was, to my surprise and delight, a wonderful Merry-Go- Round.  At first I was attracted to the music that was floating through the air.  As we approached the building housing the carousel I was taken in by the beauty of it.  What a treasure!  This well maintained circle of delight brought back memories of youthful times in Palisades Park up in New Jersey and also the movie “The Sting” starring Paul Newman as caretaker of the carousel in that picture.  The “frog” in the yellow jacket as MN pointed out,  would make for a good subject for my WordPress blog.  As I absorbed the delightful music and as well as slightly being mesmerised by the colorful and amazing animals whizzing by, I thought it a good idea.

Mary Nell and I so much wanted to ride that Merry-Go-Round but the caretaker/operator would not consider this with out adult supervision!



WEEK # 8 – Theme # 43 “Single Tree”

The single palm tree stands against a fantastic evening sky over the water at Jiggs Landing.

One of my favorite local places to watch the sun set is here in Bradenton at Jiggs Landing.  This is a beautiful body of water that has a nice dock upon which I can set up my tripod and take shots of the sunset.  I have also taken some great bird photos here over the years.  There is usually an osprey nest at the entrance.  One year the nest was stolen by a pair of Great Horned owls who had 3 young in the nest.  Wildlife photographers from far and wide came to photograph these owls.   Jiggs has a great launch for small boats, cabins for fishermen to  rent, and a neat launch for kayaks.  This is another local setting that I take all my visitors from points north to see.


4457 -Jiggs Sunset 8x10 sister